Spinning Stars Ltd / ABOUT US

Spinning Stars LTD was brought together in November 2015 after Reece & Christine Lewis found a gap in the café market, with customers phoning Caltex Stokes Valley for their coffee orders. We decided there must be a quicker and easier way for people to order their coffee. We spoke to Little Monkey about developing an ordering app allowing customers to order their hot beverages before leaving home. They also wanted their customers to be able to store their loyalty card on their phones, as a lot of customer would forget their cards. Once the app went live and seeing an increase in coffee sales, Reece had an idea that other Service Stations and café owners may benefit from the app. Talking to LittleMonkey, two versions of the app were developed (branded Ordering Loyalty & generic Ordering Loyalty). Reece and Christine also thought that business owners may want an easy way for customers to be able to store loyalty cards on their phone so My Loyalty was developed for business to be able to run their own loyalty promotions.

Every business operates differently so to have the freedom to run a Loyalty app system that suits individual needs will help grow loyalty in their business.




I have been in the retail industry most of my working life. I am also a volunteer Fire Fighter for the Stokes Valley brigade, and I play football during the winter months to keep fit. I love to hang out with my wife and children as much as possible, watching them grow has been the highlight of my life. Seeing other like minded business people working hard to see their business grow is a passion of mine.



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